Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back home, then back to Vegas, then back home...

Well. So I survived Japan with a first time visitor, the Mrs. First time visitors present special challenges because:
  • they want to see everything, esp. everything touristy,
  • invest in tickets or packages that give you unlimited access for a limited time,
  • which adds up to a hectic schedule with little sleep or relaxation.
After a day to recover, I was off to Vegas for work. So I tell people I'm going to Vegas. The usual responses:
  • "I'm so jealous!"
  • "Cool, Vegas!"
  • "You poor thing, you get to go to Vegas."
Alas, Vegas is wasted on me. I don't gamble because the pain of losing (and I know the house has the edge) is greater than the thrill of winning or the suspense of seeing the outcome. I think the food is overpriced, so are the shows. You can be in a building and still have to walk 5 miles a day. While I think walking is a good thing, it should neither be something that feels like a commitment nor should it necessarily be climate-controlled (though it beats walking in a desert, I'm sure).

I'm back now. Finished uploading 12GB of Asian trip photos over the weekend. I'll probably blog about them sometime next year; it will take that long to tag them all. :)

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