Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tokyo Japan Traveler Tourist Preparation Advice Part 1 - Yen and Dollars


Japan is one of my very favorite destinations. Yet no matter how many times I ago, there's a ton a research I feel to do to get the most out of my trip. These notes are here mainly for me to share with people I know, but you can use them if they make sense for you too.

How I Deal with Yen and Dollars

As a rule of thumb, I think of Japanese yen as equivalent to US pennies. So my starting point in thinking about conversion is ¥100 = $1. Now, obviously you can't ignore exchange rates, but it's a good starting point for me to get an understanding of my dollar cost, which I can then adjust by a percentage.

Where to Convert

It depends. Back in 2008 I found that the best place to exchange money was at the hotel. In my recent trip in 2013, the best exchange rates were actually at the airport.

If you do it at the hotel, you will just need to be a guest and fill out a small form. There's a lot of little form filling in Japan. Call your hotel to make sure they can do it. I know that the Marriott Courtyard Tokyo Ginza and the Hotel Okura both can do it.

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